Did you know that according to the European Bioplastics the bioplastic market is set to increase from around 2.11 million tonnes in 2018 to around 2.62 million tonnes in 2023?

Download our guide to environmentally friendly plastic, its usage in various industries and the importance of applying principles of circular economy to the plastic industry. We know that the right development partner, who considers the principles of sustainability and life cycle thinking throughout the entire injection moulding process, can be a great help – when it comes to plastics in the furniture, electronics or other industries.


In the Sustainable Plastics e-book, you will find more about:

  • How plastic can benefit the environment
  • Bioplastics: the environmentally friendly alternative, used in various industries and products
  • The EU’s vision for a circular plastics economy
  • Production and processing of sustainable plastic products
  • Parameters that affect the price setting of a plastic product
  • The story of Bokashi Organko 2, made almost entirely of recycled plastic


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